Vegan Gin, yes and its London Dry Gin – 42%

Created by Horse Guards a brand of Innovatus Drinks, the fantasatic London Dry Gin is fully approved by Barnivore, the vegan only drinks company.

“Our gin is vegan. It contains no animal products in either the gin itself or the processing/packaging process. We are a true ‘London’ London Dry Gin, it is distilled in London.”

Find out more about the Vegan London Dry Gin, our watch the video.

Barnivore is a very respected Vegan only drinks company and we are proud to have our product stocked by them.  See our vegan gin on the website here

How to order vegan Gin online please buy direct from our shop at

Don't forget to order your Horseguards Gin online !

Gin For Vegans
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