‘Gin and Tonic the HG way!

As we enter into fruit picking season and all hands are picking ripe Strawberries, without Wimbledon this years whats to do with them we hear you cry ?

Well worry not – Strawberries make an excellent addition to a Gin and Tonic, either cut or whole, enjoy whilst sipping and as a vitamin boost afterwards. 

To prepare, wash and clean the fresh strawberries. Pour first your Horseguards Gin over ice, add the tonic to your strength, 

‘either chop or add the strawberries whole, finish with a sprig of mint’

Pop in a couple of paper straws and you are good to go. ENJOY !


It’s London Dry Gin, as its meant to be.

Why not send us your recipes for your favorite Gin and Tonic and we can share them right here, lets mix it up !

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Find out more about our London Dry Gin, our watch the video.

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The Strawberry Gin and Tonic !
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