Gin, one of the ultimately pleasing spirits! Crafted well, a great juniper-led gin can be consumed in so many ways

What Is Gin? Gin is a global phenomenon – crafted by many and consumed by many more! But what makes

How to make and drink sloe gin What Is Sloe Gin? It’s rich, warming and fruity – a delicious winter

Gin Glasses – Has the Copa had its day? Here at Horse Guards HQ, we think that, next to the

and the winner is … Winner of our our competition to win a years worth of Gin* News: our Winner

Win a pair of Kirk & Kirk Pink Sunglasses with, Enter our competition to win a Pair of Pink Kirk


Hugos Workshop ! ‘Working with Hugos Workshop to create the perfect chopping board! We’re really excited to be partnering with

London Dry Gin, in London Our Horseguards London Dry Gin is available in the Equus Bar the the Horseguards Hotel.

Strawberry Gin and Tonic ‘Gin and Tonic the HG way! As we enter into fruit picking season and all hands

Win a years supply of Gin with, Enter our competition to win a years worth of Gin* News: You could

Horse Guards Gin, Gift Vouchers now available ‘Gin Weather’ is back on its way! Forecast: warm with a good chance

Horse Guards Gin, enjoyed by Muddy Stilettos Its London Dry Gin in the country !! Created by Horse Guards a

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