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Most frequent questions and answers about London Dry Gin

Yes you can order our Gin online for delivery to your home. You have a choice of using our online shop which takes 2/3 days for delivery depending on orders, or you can buy online with Amazon Prime and have next day delivery

Yes Horseguards is a genuine London Dry gin, distilled and bottled in London. We are proud to support the industry of London Dry Gin and produce in small batches for our unique and distinct flavour.

In our opinion Horseguards London Dry Gin. Its Gin as its meant to be. From the moment you open the bottle you can smell the aroma of fine botanicals blended to perfection. Dont just take our word for it, try it yourself !

Buying Gin for a present is easy with Horseguards. We have Gin gift vouchers, boxes for gin as a present for Christmas, Gin as a present for birthdays, Gin for Summer cocktails. We even have a Gin Hamper available which includes a Bottle of London dry Gin, 4 bottles of tonic all in a lovely wicker hamper.

No: many gins would like to be a London dry gin and simply follow a similar distilling process.  We, like the other well known London Dry Gins, follow the correct distilling process, but more importantly distill and bottle in London.

Our gin is available by the bottle online, you can order as many bottles as you like in one purchase, we will deliver in the most efficient way using the least packaging. We use air packing to ensure the gin reaches you in perfect condition.

Don't forget to order your Horseguards Gin online !

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