Try our signature gin cocktails


50ml HG Gin
12.5ml simple syrup
25ml fresh lemon juice 
25ml Sweet Vermouth
Fresh raspberries and basil to garnish

John Manners ‘Marquess of Granby’ was a commander who actively cared for his soldiers welfare and encouraged retired troopers to set up as publicans. Today, there are many pubs named after him.

Tart and sweet raisin with subtle tones of chocolate from the vermouth. A punchy bramble ‘riff’ – imagine ‘a Fab ice cream!’


50ml HG Gin
12.5ml fresh lime juice
25ml celery syrup 
1 egg white
5ml St Germain
Cucumber and pink peppercorns to garnish

Legend has it that Lord Uxbridge was close to the Duke of Wellington when he was struck by cannon fire, “By God, sir, I’ve lost my leg!” – to which Wellington replied, ‘’By God, sir, so you have.’’

Refreshing & vibrant with a tart but silky mouthfeel, feels almost ‘Healthy’.


50ml HG Gin
5ml St Germain
25ml NZ Sauvignon Blanc
25ml Lillet Vermouth 
Orange peel to garnish

Appointed the official photographer to the Household Cavalry division, with a darkroom in the Chelsea Barracks. Christina was entirely self-taught and became the UK’s first female press photographer.

Clean and dry, with tropical aromatic overtones.


50ml HG Gin
HG Bitters
25ml fresh lemon juice
12.5ml grapefruit simple syrup
25ml Cocchi Rosa
5ml Dry Vermouth 
Lemon peel to garnish

Fred Burnaby was a linguist, novelist and travel obsessive. He was the first to make a hot-air balloon trip from England to France. Along his travels, he enjoyed discovering herbs and spices from different countries.

Perfumed and sharp with a pleasing aromatic bouquet.


50ml HG Gin
HG Bitters
Mediterranean tonic
Orange peel and juniper berries to garnish

Nell Gwynn was the long time mistress of King Charles II of England & Scotland. Called ‘Pretty, Witty Nell’, her story echoing the rags-to-royalty tale of Cinderella.

Well-balanced, ultra crisp with lingering citrus & cardamom. A premium smooth G&T. Horse guards is the perfect gin for Gin and Tonic


50ml HG Gin
25ml fresh lemon juice 
50ml fresh grapefruit juice
12.5ml Elderflower syrup
12.5ml Aperol
Elderflower tonic
Cucumber and basil to garnish

Corporal John Shaw, a bear of a man, was a celebrated boxing champion at home and abroad. At over 6ft tall and weighing 15 stone, Shaw challenged every man in England and dutifully beat every single opponent.

Vibrant fruit and spice with a fresh lingering but mouth-watering palate.

Try our pink gin cocktails

Pink lady

40ml HG Pink Gin
20ml lemon juice
10ml Grenadine
1 egg white (or aquafaba)
1 tsp cream (optional)

Cranberry Martini

50ml HG Pink Gin
30ml lemon juice
30ml orange liqueur or triple sec
50ml cranberry juice

Pink Gin & Champagne

50ml HG Pink Gin
25ml lemon juice
12ml sugar syrup
Top up with your favourite champagne or prosecco